For those with ADHD, we are

on the journey together

Therapy for people living with ADHD

If you are like many with ADHD, you’ve spent your life doing all you can to appear “normal,” so no one will know you are different. You filter what you really want to say. You don’t tell people want you really want to do. You might even hide your truest self from those closest to you. How do other people have their lives all put together? How do they make clear choices and move forward with confidence, when you feel so unmotivated, unseen, and unaccepted?

All of this minimizing and hiding can take an emotional toll and leave you feeling exhausted and wishing for something more. That’s why you’re here, right? Some voice inside you is whispering “go deeper.”

Call it what you will – intuition, your true self, your soul – there’s a part of you that’s ready to make a change. And you’re wondering if someone, a therapist like me, could help you do it.

Who’s this guy?

That’s me! I’m Jesse Kauffman, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in ADHD. I believe in intuition and cherish the divergent path.

Because I’ve lived with ADHD, I know how it feels in my mind and body. It’s like you’re out-of-sync with the world, always wondering what to say and when to say it to cause the least amount of disturbance. Is it the same for you?

I once saw ADHD as my weakness. Today I see that ADHD has given me an acute perceptive awareness of others that is a great strength, especially to my therapy clients.