Hi there, I’m Jesse.

I’m an ADHD therapist. I believe in intuition and cherish the divergent path.

Playful, creative, and deeply passionate about living a meaningful life, I am committed to leave no aspect of my own life un-examined, not just for navel-gazing, but to live as fully as possible with intentionality and purpose.

My clients say I offer a purity of heart that prioritizes curiosity over judgement. They also appreciate that I create a spaciousness they feel safe to land in. Sessions with me are like a big, soft metaphorical nest where clients can feel and be whatever they like. They can also test out their new metaphorical wings.

I know how it feels…

Because I’ve lived with ADHD, I know how it feels in my mind and body. It’s like my internal clock was imported from another dimension. How can I simultaneously be running late but also going too fast?

Throughout life, I’ve found myself regularly feeling out-of-sync with the world around me, wondering what to say and when to say it to cause the least amount of disturbance. Perhaps it’s similar for you?

From an early age, I recognized the differences between myself and others. A version of me used to think, “If I’m charming enough, maybe people will ignore my incongruence as a minor inconvenience. Maybe they’ll think I’m just an odd, funny guy. Better yet, if I can max out on the charm and people-pleasing, maybe they’ll overlook my incongruence altogether.”

But we all know that forced charm is only outwardly effective, and you are left wondering if you’re an imposter.

Because I was different, I decided to intently study other people. How did they relate to each other, themselves, the world? I watched, processed, and learned. I honed my awareness into my super power. What I once saw as my weakness, that incongruence, those differences that set me apart from other people, I now see as my strength.

My acute perceptive awareness of others makes me who I am – an attentive partner, a loving father, a devoted friend, and yes, an excellent therapist.

picture of Jesse Kauffman, LMSW seated

My Credentials

For those of you still reading (thank you very much!) and in search of my credentials, I’m licensed to practice clinical social work in the states of California and Michigan. I have a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Bowling Green State University. I double majored in Social Studies and French Education with a minor in History. Remember I have ADHD – how could I choose just one area of study?!

I have received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution-focused brief therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. In 2010 I became a trained Reiki Master and have also completed first level training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I have enjoyed integrating energy work into both my personal and professional practices. I am versed in discussing both the seen and unseen forces in our lives, be they systems of oppression or our energetic bodies. I have joyfully worked with adolescents, adults, and families for many years.