How might we work together?

Here’s an adventurous analogy to help you understand the therapy process.

Let’s imagine you’ve always felt this calling to visit a certain remote mountain town. It’s not just wander lust. No, the inner whisper to make the journey is deeper than that. You’ve actually dreamed of this place throughout your life, but how could that be?

Something in your gut or heart or soul says, “I need to go there,” but it’s not as simple as getting in your car or hopping on a train. You must hike in. No one knows the exact distance to get to the town.

picture of a lakeside village in the mountains

People also say the trail to get there is marked in spots, but you’ll have to rely on your own map, compass, and intuition. Sometimes the trail may be faint. Sometimes the trail won’t be visible at all.

You are not deterred.

When you begin your hike, you are pumped up! The path is well-worn and feels familiar. You recognize the trees, oaks, birches, and pines. Chickadees are singing as they always do. How hard can it really be to hike to this town? There are other people along the path doing the same thing you’re doing, so you feel like you have company. Even the squirrels in the trees seem to be cheering you on.

Over the hours, your legs continue to move you up and down the hills. You don’t notice the birds singing anymore, and gosh, you haven’t seen anyone on the trail for quite some time.

Alone with your thoughts, you start asking yourself questions like…

“How much longer will this take?”
“Hey, didn’t I just jump over that small stream an hour ago?”
“And didn’t I already pass that big beech tree with initials carved into it?”
“Am I walking in circles?”

Still, the trail appears well traveled. It’ll be fine. You walk another mile.

Now you begin to wonder – is it getting darker or are there just more tree branches overhead? The trail has forked a few times too, and you’ve had to decide which way to turn. Once you hit a clearing, you see that daylight is definitely fading.

You know now you are going to have to make a decision – turn back and retrace your steps OR spend the night in the wilderness.

The thought of darkness descending brings all your worries and fears to the forefront. Can you trust yourself to find your way in the dark?

Maybe it’s safer to just turn around. Hike back and sleep in your old, safe but lumpy bed.

But what about the inner calling that got you this far? What about that dream you’ve had throughout your life? If you turn back now, you’ll either have to give up the dream, or make the entire trek all over again someday.

Fears and darkness be damned, you are committed to your journey – to see where the faint inner whisper is leading you.

As a therapist, I dwell in this environment and accompany people like you through this journey. My soul’s own whisper has called me to live here and support travelers all the way through to the other side.

While I can provide you with the skills to navigate the terrain with more ease, the deeper value is having a traveling companion who will behold your true presence in the journey and believe in your ability to see the journey all the way through.

My role is not to choose the path for you or even tell you my opinion about which way to go. Instead, I’m walking alongside you, witnessing the pain and challenge in your steps, inviting you to tap into your inner bravery and brilliance, and prove to yourself you can match your soul’s courage.

For those who just want to say that they’ve been to the woods, hiked an hour and turned around, I’m not that kind of guide.

We are in this together for the entire journey.