With most of my clients (adults and families), we focus on the following:

Integration of ADHD

We’re not trying to make your ADHD go away, no, it’s a part of who you are. By developing a deeper understanding of the unique way your brain works, you will begin to feel more integrated as a person, empowered to live as uniquely you.

Establishing new family patterns

Your adult family members all care about each other, yet it’s still hard to find new ways of relating to each other, even when it’s needed. I help families with adult children navigate old wounds and find new ways to connect with meaning.

But Jesse,

“How do you truly serve your clients?”

Good question. First a seemingly unrelated story about why I named my practice “Atelier Therapy.”

If “atelier” is a new word and you find yourself worried about how to pronounce it, give “adl yay” a try. Excellent. Très bien.

“Atelier” is the French word for workshop or studio, where an artist does their work. I know this because I’ve enjoyed some time in France. And when it came time to give my business a name the word “Atelier” sounded creative and more refined than the word “workshop.”

Why the side story?

Because I view therapy as a work of creation, and we all need a warm, safe, creative space to do that work.

picture of Jesse Kauffman, LMSW seated working on a laptop

You are the artist.
I serve as the guide.

As your therapist, it’s my job to create that space for you. Sure, it can be a physical space like an office. More than that, it’s a metaphorical, therapeutic space, where we unlock the door. I welcome you in and invite you to participate. Then through inquiry, conversation, searching, and intuition, together we look at you and your fascinating life from all perspectives.

Your life is full of color and great source material for a masterpiece!

Typically, people enter the therapy space with all sorts of feelings. Excitement. Enthusiasm. The worry or fear that they will come up short and might not produce what they’d hoped. Still, there’s a thrill of wanting to create something.
You may not have a vision just yet for what you want to create. You might not know quite what questions to ask. Indeed, you may have never thought to ask the questions. That’s why I’m here with you.

I’m here waiting for you to bring your life, heart, mind, body, and soul to this space…

To uncover. To explore. To create the life you want.

To create that life that’s been calling to you.

Take courage. It’s not always easy.
And for some, it’s even a little scary.

You will be seen in a way you might not otherwise be seen in your day to day life. You will be known in a way you might not allow yourself to be known. You will have to trust that I can safely and surely hold the space for you to investigate the previously unspoken and sometimes mysterious aspects of you and your life. And I will trust that you will show up and create the masterpiece.

In the end, it’s not about me knowing you. It’s about YOU knowing you.

In all my years in practice, it’s still the place I love to go, that space where creative, emotional, beautiful magic happens.

The door is open.